Some tourism

Located on the west coast of the Cotentin peninsula , Flamanville - Diélette even if they are not really part of The Hague, has however its character and its relief. The area offers many tourist attractions.

Diélette , after being a lovely small fishing port, became a marina protected by two rounded piers, which also houses a yacht club. During the summer, you can catch the ferry to visit the Channel Islands. Just before arriving at the harbour of Diélette, you can find the beautiful beach of Platé

On the edge of this road , you can see the remains of an extraction tower iron mines whose operation was stopped since 1962, but which were unique in France as completely underwater and producing ore with an exceptional iron content. We also can notice the equally famous granite quarries whose granite is paving the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

Then, we go on towards the Castle of Flamanville, spacious building in carved granite, which was built during the reign of Louis XIV . It is surrounded by a large park and an open timber in public.

Continuing , we arrive at the Cape of Flamanville. At an altitude of 82 meters , near a semaphore is the dolmen of the Pierre Rey. This walk takes us to the beautiful bay of Sciotot with a four kilometers pebble and sandy beach, dominated by pink heather La Roche à Coucou.

The sea coast of Diélette to Sciotot , made of cliffs and small coves , is superb. The customs path (GR223) overlooking, you will admire a magnificent panorama in wild nature.

Further south, the tip of Rozel, " le Pou " provides a beautiful view of the Cap de Flamanville and Sciotot one hand and the other on the beach of Surtainville and Cape Carteret and the friendly village of Les Pieux.

After sightseeing you can relax at the beach of Sciotot, monitored throughout the summer by lifeguards.

All kinds of water activities are possible: boat trips or jet skiing, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, yachting, surfing... Several launching wedges are nearby.